the picture you see is me....


Put the blame on me
Yes I know I was wrong
If only I can forgive you
We will not be like we are now
Please forgive me
Yeah you can put the blame on me

"I always wished for a special friend..who will be close to my heart…It came true when i met you"- true but  I just lose


I hate myself
For believe that you gonna be my best friend forever
I hate myself
For getting used to your special treatment
I hate myself for demanding that special treatment gonna last forever

*Found a note i wrote early this year but not sure the date*

Let You Go

As a friend  i would like to be a keeper but somehow i just let you go since Im not strong enough in receiving too much dissapointments and frustration

cuba memperbaiki diri Insyaallah

cuba memperbaiki diri Insyaallah



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